Our Story

Decades of Legacy… Passing Down!

Ten Years dining experience brings together Malaysia’s most famous and popular street foods under one roof. Developed and wholly owned by Horsemen Group Sdn. Bhd., Ten Years is created with the dream to preserve The Malaysian Food Culture by passing it on to the next generations.

From the 60’s leading up to the 90’s, The Malaysian Foods have been evolving with the unique blend of various cultures from one decade to the next.

Ten Years ensures that all recipes are delicately managed to suit both local and international taste buds, while still preserving the essence of the Malaysian local flavours. The main concept of Ten Years Restaurant is to provide and promote Malaysia’s most famous street food in a comfortable ambience at their convenience. Each dining area will represent each decade from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to allow customers to indulge themselves with the retrospective themes which each different generation will appreciate.

Why Choose Us?

Top Rated

We gather the best Malaysian street foods preserve under one restaurant.

Pork Free

Famous Street foods with pork free environment suitable for all Malaysian.

Concept Design

Experience Mixture of unique modern and traditional ambience with Malaysia food culture settings.


Well established team that are ready to support and operate with complete SOP with an extensive training program to support.

How Do We Select Recipe Owners in our Restaurant?

Top rated in the social media & endorsement by TV media.

Proven track record with long queue.

History Figure & State Representative.